'Revealing Healing' by
Dr. Larry P. Caldwell, D.O.M.

Revealing Healing:

Helping your body-mind connect to your
emotional-mind to relieve pain and suffering

Revealing Healing is a book intended for people who are seeking answers to long standing questions about why there is such a high incidence of disease such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes in our western society. We have a strong focus on physical healing at the level of symptoms, which ultimately does not acknowledge that the body works as one interconnected system. Deep long lasting healing involves the balancing of one’s emotional stability, physical strength and a strong spiritual base. Without the combined effort of balancing these areas of your life, good health can be elusive.

Based on the ancient teachings of Oriental Medicine, Revealing Healing is a process that acknowledges the wisdom of the body in communicating what it needs to be in balance. Physical symptoms can be the result of emotional or thought dilemmas; how you feel about yourself greatly affects your physical health. Looking at your lifelong patterns of how you carry emotions and energy in your body can provide great insight into what may be causing your ailments and what you need to do to really heal. This book describes a natural process of revealing what is blocking your energy flow, and ways to provide your body with what it needs so you can find deep happiness and peace.

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